ThermalTake Thundervolt 120mm fans non-controllable

Hey guys, just bought two ThermalTake Thunderbolt 120mm fans and I've noticed they do not work when plugged into my motherboard. They only function if I plug them directly into my psu, unlike other fans in my case such as my Noctua's which plug right into the motherboard and are controllable through speedfan. Are these Thunderbolts one speed only? They seem to be alittle loud. Thanks!

As a sidenote I have tried plugging the 4pin molex into psu and separate small 3 pin into mobo at the same time to see if they would get power from PSU and be controllable from mobo but no luck either, they run but still no control.
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    If you are talking about Thunderblade then they are fixed speed fan you would need a 4 pin fan for control, example
  2. Ahhh ok thank you, I figured this. They are louder than expected :/ Thanks though!
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