Sell as one or reuse some parts and try to sell the others?

I want to build a new desktop PC and I'm not sure what will be the best option for getting most value out of my current PC.

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83GHz
RAM: 2x2GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600 PC3 12800 (KHX1600C9D3B1K2/4GX)
PSU: Chill Innovation CP-1000M (1000 W)
Case: Cooler Master HAF 922 Mid Tower ATX
Monitor: ASUS MK241H 24" (1920x1200) (Shows serious signs of wear)
Monitor: Acer P246H 24" (1920 x 1080) (Newer, no signs of wear)
HDD: 2x500GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.11
Optical: ASUS BC-1205PT (BD reader, DVD burner)
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium N 64-bit English
Speakers: Creative Gigaworks T40

None of the parts have been overclocked.

I'm considering either trying to sell the whole thing to someone wanting a low cost single monitor gaming PC at 1200p or 1080p. Or reusing the case, PSU, Optical drive and HDD (as secondary storage besides a new SSD) and trying to sell off the CPU, RAM and MoBo as a cheap bundle and the GPU.

I plan on using a single GTX Titan in my new build so the current case should be large enough
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    I would sell the computer as a whole. These are pretty old parts so not many people are looking to upgrade into these specs (besides 6970). Just advertise it as a gaming system and some noob will buy it for more than you can sell them separately. Make sure to advertise what games it can play and at what settings.

    If you are selling the monitors as well, sell those separately. Sell the speakers separately as well if you don't plan on keeping those.


    Lastly i wouldn't recommend getting a gtx titan. Very expensive. 2 gtx 670's would be a better buy. Heck even a gtx 690 is a better buy.
  2. I don't plan on building the new one just yet. Going to wait 2-3 months and see what happens to price of the GTX Titan. I still prefer a single card over a SLI/CF or a single dual GPU card and avoid all issues regarding space, heat, noise and microstutter. I have an old laptop I can use from the time I sell my current desktop and til I go and buy parts for my new one
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