2 HDD Dual Boot - W8 (already installed) + XP (newly cloned to another drive)


i need to help with this problem. I am using Windows 8 as primary OS (SSD). Until now i was using VirtualBox to run Windows XP. Since i want to play few older 3D games, which are totally incompatible with new systems, i decided to fully install XP on my external drive (eSATA).

So i cloned existing XP partition from VB's .VDI to newly created partition on external drive. Now i need to make it bootable with option after PC's start which system i want to choose.

I was wondering that i can use some boot-repair utilities to make XP's partition bootable, but i dont want to risk if that can mess up W8's boot...

Thanks in advance for any hints.
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  1. External, USB hard drive?
  2. As i stated, its eSATA drive...
  3. Sorry, i missed that part. It comes to my mind that you could use simple windows xp upgrade during installation, xp may recognize old installation and give you option to repair it. Perhaps you'll need RAID drivers for disk.
  4. Thanks for the tip. Fortunately, i can turn off AHCI support directly for eSATA port in BIOS, so there will be no problem with drivers i guess.

    I am only affraid if playing with external drives boot options does not affect also my main drives boot capability. I.E. XP will be bootable but W8 not.

    After all i dont need that Windows boot manager at all, i can simply choose the particular drive to boot in BIOS right?
  5. Windows Vista - 7 - 8 are superb (i must say that) in repairing boot options if anything goes wrong. So if you have option to boot eSATA in bios than you should have no problem, and i don't see why would anything go wrong with SSD drive.

    Do you have integrated onboard eSATA or you needed to connect adapter manually?
  6. I have native eSATA port, ofc. I already had installed Windows 7 on that drive, so i am sure it is possible.

    To be more specific, its GA-Z68X-UD4-B3 and WD MyBook.

    So... I am going to turn off AHCI for eSATA, try to repair external XP's partition with install disk (or some other software) and then it should be normally bootable. Then swtiching between OSes using boot order in BIOS.

    I know there is option to install XP first then W8 and the newer OS will recognize the older one then let you choose between them (without using BIOS). But thats not really possible since i am not going to reinstall neither one of those OSes.
  7. It should work. Post results please. This is quite usefull.
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