Western Digital Hard-Drive [IDE?]

Hey guys,

So i just built a new computer and I have bought a 1TB WD Caviar Blue.

In my current desktop I have another Western Digital HD [250 GB] . In my device manager > hard-drives it shows the device labeled as:

"WDC WD2500JB-00REA0"

I also think it is [IDE] and not SATA? I have no idea what IDE is.

I believe it is this HD.. :


do you guys think I should take this out of my current desktop and use it on my new build and put the OS on this and use my 1TB HD for programs/music/data/pics etc?

Will this HD be good/fast enough for the OS? [windows 7]

Or should I not even use it and just use the 1TB as a whole and partition it? - I will not be buying a SSD but maybe in the future.. but not now.

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  1. I also have a ASUS P8Z77-LK motherboard... if that helps. -- idk if it will hold IDE Hard-Drives..
  2. no!!! join us in the new millinium and get a sata at least. an ssd would be better.
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    Your mother board does not have IDE connection slots, you can buy an adaptor, you would be sacrificing so much more speed. Get a SATA 3.
  4. haha okay ! thanks guys :P
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