SSD + SSD Enclosure for USB 3.0 Linux O.S. (debian)

I'm looking for a solution to "share" the same o.s. (completely the same, same installed software/settings (except for screen) and so on) between my laptop and my PC.

Because I'm moving to linux, I decided that installing it on a usb drive would solve my issue, I do have USB 3 on both PC and I have eSata only on PC, so I really require USB 3 support. I have a lot of RAM on both computers: 8GB and 12GB.

I need a good suggestion for the enclosure, expecially because it may happen I need to use laptop without power supply (only battery), but usually I'll have it (so a power supply OPTIONAL would be optimal, otherwise I prefer no power supply).

I need a very fast enclosure, I want to boot fast even if running from USB.

Any suggestion? Also an SSD to combo it with it's nice.

Notice that the SSD will be 128 GB in size.

This from tomshardware seems really good, however I don't know if there are greater one, the post is quite old:,2597-3.html
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  1. .... Go to newegg. find USB 3 enclosure.... End?
  2. I could think you can try to get the 2 SSDs and RAID 0 them, albeit only on 1 system and you won't be able to use whatever other laptop/pc you took one of the SSDs from.. This would create "1" drive. If not you could get a ethernet cable between them and get the 2 laptop and PC to "talk" to each other.. But they won't share a OS.

    USB 3.0 is as fast as it gets for external storage.. You can try eSATA and if you are lucky enough that your PC or laptop has Intel's new Thunderbolt you can try that too.
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