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i have an ati radeonx1300 video card and i installed mass effect2 but it reads thats i need to install an updat software for this game.can you show me how to update mass effect2.
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  1. If it says you need PhysX

    Get this


    You also see a legacy one for older games, if you need it, grab it too.

    AMD drivers to not have PhysX because Nvidia owns it.

    You should still get the cpu based version to install and run
  2. do I have to download nvidia if i already have an ati radeonx1300 video card installed on my computer.i have installed mass effect2 on my computer and it reads that i need to in stall the update for mass effect2. how can i do this.
  3. If your error is related to not having the PhysX runtime, then yes.

    Normally the games should install them, but i guess it did not.

    Now remember, the x1300 is a rather old card and may not support the latest games that well.
  4. Also physx is not for AMD cards. And... I am not sure it even will run on a card that old
  5. With any non Nvidia card, it just runs on the cpu. But based on the cards age, I am not sure how well it will work.

    Also, Mass effect 2 needs at LEAST an X1600 according to the EA webpage.

    Mass Effect 2 Minimum System Requirements
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