NTFS or Fat32? HD connected to a linksys router for use PS3, Mac/ipad & Windows vista

I have a 2T HD connected to a linksys router. I want to use the HD to access media via PS3, iPad, Mac and PC running Vista x64. So far everything I've read say that this is possible if I reformat from NTFS to Fat32. Given Fat32 limitations is there a way to partition the drive where 1/2 is NTFS and 1/2 is Fat32?
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  1. It is possible. Before doing anything make sure you have removed all files from the drive as you will need to repartition the drive. You can go into Disk Management and do what you need to do. These links will help:
  2. Thanks for the info. There's actually mention of NTFS-3G on the harddrive. I may try that....will see if I can find out further info. The HDD documentation is a bit on the light side. Also, oddly I was able to load a video onto the NTFT HDD and actually see it on the PS3, click play etc...but then the next one I loaded disappeared and then both video's and folder disappeared on the HDD.
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