Touchpad and keyboard not working

I have a Samsung np300e5c laptop. I received an update from avast and the computer rebooted and that's when my keyboard and touchpad stopped working. Can't even log on
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  1. How long are you waiting before trying the keyboard? Might simply be a case of the system reloading the drivers for them in the background.

    2 things to try first:

    Get yourself into Safe Mode and try using the keyboard and touchpad there.
    Plug in an external keyboard, give it a minute or two to find the device, and then try typing from it.
  2. Thanks for your response. It happened about ten hours ago. I plugged in a external mouse and doing a systems restore, hoping it will fix the problem.
  3. Mine is a toshiba c660. I installed avg innternet security and updated it. But after i rebooted the computer, my touch pad and keyboard stopped working. It doesnt even work in safe mode but it works in ubuntu and in the bios setup.
    Can anyone please help?
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