Is it worthwhile using Velociraptor as a cache to hdd.?


Asus x79 Deluxe Mobo
3930k cpu
G Skill 32gb ram
Samsung 840pro 250gb SSD
Wd Velociraptor 300Gb
Seagate Baracuda 7200 rpm 1Tb
Sapphire Vapour- X Ghz HD 7970 6gb

This is a new build (with old drives , but new ssd).

I intend to use the ssd as the primary drive for my Windows 7 Pro OS and all my apps.I will therefore select AHCI so as to enable trim, I'll use the intel 6 gb/s ports.

Should I then use the velociraptor as a cache to the seagate baracuda?If so can I use the Asus ssd cach app , bu instead of the ssd use the velociraptor?

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  1. You can give it a shot if you can, but dont think its worth much, thanks
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    The 10000rpm drive will not be any faster than a 7200rpm drive in the real world. It would be identical to using a regular HDD as a cache drive. I would say it's not worth the trouble and just to use the Seagate as the storage drive and SSD as boot drive.
  3. Thanks to all,end of thread!
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