GPU overheats even after changed past//fan

Hy, I have a HD 5670, worked fine until I accidentaly gave it a bump while cleaning the PC. After that when I turn on the PC after ~10m the screen goes blank. I put another GPU for testing and it works fine.
I tried changing the thermal paste and fan, but the problem still occurs, using HWmonitor the core temp is only 30ºC but after turning off the PC, when I touch the plastic of the GPU it burns to the touch. Any advice?
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  1. Maybe consider getting one of these and mount it to blow directly on your vid card:

    Of course if you don't like blue led's that could be an irritant, but this is a good add in fan and moves quite a bit of air.

    Otherwise I would consider liquid cooling, which can be a pain and smelly. But will keep it nice and frosty.
  2. The screen goes black regardless of what you are doing (idle, web, game)?

    Try taking the side panel off and blowing a floor fan directly on it and see if it acts differently. If so, you could try the case fan. But, I'm thinking it's about new card time.

    I did have luck in the past with baking a dying GPU to limp it along (three bakings bought me a little over a year - it died right after the warranty was up). You can google that one on your own and I'm not recommending that route, just making you aware of it.
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