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Can I Add Discrete Graphics Card To An Asus Laptop That Has Intel HD 4000? help

Ok, so heres the situation...i have an Asus k55a laptop with a intel core i5 3210m CPU and an Intel HD 4000 integreted GPU. is there a pci express slot somewhere on my motherboard? i want to put like an NVIDIA 530 or better (maybe you guys could suggest one). i just would like to know before i rip my laptop open for no reason. Plus, i know that the k55vm comes with discrete graphics and its basically identical to mine except for some of the hardware. THANKS SO MUCH FOR HELP! :)
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  2. Problem with laptops is that they have specific hardware and it is not in retail so even if yours could accept a discrete mini card there is limited resources (OEM's Asus in your case) to buy it from and very expensive. It is easier to upgrade the whole laptop.
  3. No.
    You cannot upgrade parts like that in 99% of all laptops. Because now a days, they are soldered directly to the system board...
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