Intel Pentium G2020 Vs Intel Core I3 3220

I'm going to make a pc and these are the specs
Intel Pentium G2020 2.9GHz
AMD Radeon HD 7770 XFX Core 1GB Edition
4GB DDR3 1333MHz

or should i replace my processor with the Intel Core I3 3220
Or is the Intel Pentium G2020 good enough for gaming
or any other processor for that matter under £100 (Intel)
I am going to play Simcity , Day z , Arma III , Black Ops II
Would my average FPS increase alot?
I would appriciate the help and support
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  1. i use the 2120 for gaming, got it for $75, i think that's worth the savings compared to the i3. depends on your budget thou of course.
  2. It's a great CPU for the money, but if you have the money and want smooth gaming, go for the i3. You would be shocked how many games utilize 3 threads or more.
  3. If you have a Microcenter nearby, go there for your CPU purchase. Their AMD FX 6300 motherboard bundle deals are tough to beat.
  4. If you have extra money, jump to a GTX 650 Ti or 7850 1GB before thinking of a better processor. You'll get more bang out of upgrading the graphics card.
  5. I have this same question - I'm looking at building a PC with a GTX 650 Ti Boost 1 GB. Will the G2020 bottleneck this GPU? Will I really see much of a bump with hyperthreading in the Core i3 3220?

  6. Hey - start your own thread.
  7. You can see about 10fps difference in a lot of games.

    So usually when people say the Pentium is a better choice it is because the dollar difference allows you to spend more on the GPU. So if you dropped to a G2020 and saved $50 or so, and then used that to upgrade the GTX650 TI to a Radeon 7850, You'd see better results.

    So in other words, dropping 10-20% in CPU to gain 30-40% in GPU is a better choice.

    At this price point, I'd run an fx-6300, though.
  8. jessterman21, Should I really start my own when there are already dozens of Core i3-3220 vs G2020 threads? Hell, I shouldn't have posted on this one, as reading the forums pretty much answered my question.

    twelve25, thanks for the breakdown. I want an Intel for the power efficiency and Hackintosh compatibility, which admittedly I did not mention before. I see your point for the GPU, and getting the Pentium is what's allowing me to stomach the cost of a GTX 650 Ti. :) I also want to stick with nVidia 6-series for Hackintosh compatibility.

    Sounds like the system isn't seriously bottlenecked either way, so I'll probably go with it. Especially now that I found out the G2020 is only $50 at Microcenter.
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