Best gaming headset (PC & PS3)?

Hey, I'm looking with a good headset to use for my PC & PS3 for games (& chat). Something under £100 (~$150) if possible. For both platforms, decent mic, good sound and possibly wireless (but not required since my TV & sofa aren't too far apart). Currently looking at the Turtlebeach PX5s, Corsair Vergeance 2000s and a couple of others. Any suggestions?
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  1. Ive got the Turtle Beach PX21`s and they`re superb so i`d imagine the PX5`s are top quality headset
  2. try sennheiser PC360. Its amazing!
  3. Urbanears Plattarn £50.
    LINK click
    I have got them since a week. Previously i had Sony speakers. The difference is huge. great bass, built in microphone (hardly noticeable) with button(on off) (but You plug them into one mini jack).
    -very short cable
    -or they are a little bit too tight or maybe my head is that big...
    +buy one get one at HMV
    +very good materials
    +ability to plug another headphones as they have a built in female mini jack.
  4. Do you want surround or stereo?
  5. Turtle Beach P11's... great audio and the base isnt crappy!
  6. Genius GX 7.1 headset is quite nice actually. It's virtual 7.1 of course but for gaming they rock. And cheap also.
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