Iomega eGo 1TB USB3 External Hard Drive Problems

Above drive power light comes on and can hear drive spin up when plugged into either USB3 or USB2 port. Worked OK for a year but now it will not show up on disk management or Windows Explorer display. Win7 64 with all current maint and drivers. Updated Iomega firmware and update appeared to work when attached on USB2 port. Swapped cables with no change. Microsoft USB device viewer shows it as attached but unknown. Hard disk Sentinel shows it as unkown eternal mass storage. Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe Motherboard has updated USB bios. Similiar failure when attached to laptop. No apparent method to remove cover. Any suggestions appreciated.

Update: Strongly suspect interface issue as it has locked up/created problems on above desktop and two laptops all Win7 64. The upper and lower cover have no screws or openings other than the intererface and power led opening on the lower cover. Any way to remove the cover short of explosives?
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    I installed three different flavors of Linux that were recommended because they had better communications with wounded or semi wounded external drives. None of them could communicate with the failing external drive so I doubt if any app can communicate with it if the kernel can not. Thank you for your suggestion.
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