AMD Catalyst Pro Control Settings Won't Stick / Save. Anybody know how to fix this?

I just installed the AMD / ATI Firepro v4900 card.

Using the Catalyst Pro Control Center, I'm able to adjust all the properties I need, but as soon as I close the program, even after hitting the "apply" button on all the pages that were edited, the settings all go back to normal as if I didn't adjust anything. As soon as I open CPCC, the settings come back.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

Other info:
When I close the program, it remains in the tray.

I am using and Apple Cinema Display 27" with a third party brightness app to control the led back light brightness.
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  1. NEVERMIND! Must have been some glitch after running the built-in windows calibration or something... Not sure... But after messing around and rebooting a couple times, it works now...
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