Need Help with Custom Loop SFF mATX Build.

This is a Black & Red Themed SFF Build planned for the launch of the Silverstone SG10 Case.

First time water cooling so I would like some suggestions on my selection of hardware and water cooling goodies. Probably going to add another 7970 in the near future, so i want to make sure the Pump/Rad will be able to keep up.

PC will be powered on almost 24/7 for GPU Compute.

Edit: (Picture isn't showing up properly :(, here's the link)

Any input is appreciated, Thanks.
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  1. Alpha cool has some great 80mm thick radiators on i have one thats their triple 120mm and the cooling is by far the best i have ever had while capable of being near silent. with its size you can run low rpm fans with great results. also i would suggest the swiftech apogee hd water block. allows for up to 4 lines (2 in 2 out @ 1/2"). If your going to water cool your gpus setting up a dual pump would be good as well. then you can hook up in serial for pump redundancy or parallel for max flow. just make sure you get a single bay res/pump combo or have it set up externally since space will be an issue.
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