Will a Corsair TX Series 650W ATX12V fit into an APEVIA X-QPack MicroATX Case?

The title pretty much says all.

I'm attempting to build a mostly MicroATX PC (for LAN parties), but I want it to be filled with beefy hardware (within reason).

I'm just stuck trying to figure out how I'm going to be able to power it all properly. The power supplies that are specifically for MicroATX computers only go up to 400W-500W, and I want at least 600W but will settle for 550W.

Could I please have some advice? Thank you.
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    It uses a standard ATX power supply so it will fit. I would get a modular unit for a case that small if I was you though. I have a hard time with cable management with my 750TX in a full tower Antec 1200. For the price you can't beat this.

    80 Plus Gold certified and modular Seasonic G series 550w for $90. It's one of the best units on the market.

    9.6/10 + recommended buy from jonnyguru.

    HardOCP Gold award.

    Hardwaresecrets Golden award.

    You are fine with any single GPU with this including a GTX 680/HD 7970. Overclocking the whole system included.
  2. Thank you very much, anort3.
  3. Glad to help! :)
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