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A while after starting up, the windows programs don't respond (Disk Defrag, Disk Cleanup, MSConfig etc.). Many window utilities don't respond and eventually nothing can be clicked on, even the programs in the start button. Few functions still work (parts of Chrome etc.) but overall the computer is slow and unresponsive. I had to force shut down because the laptop would not shut down on its own, it hung on the blue screen.
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  1. sounds like a virus go you. on another pc make a hirem boot cd or a free rescue cd from a know anti virus company and scan your system.
  2. Update: The internet doesn't work anymore on many websites. The start function doesn't work anymore, you can press start but cannot click anything. Almost all programs do not respond or open, those that do become unresponsive after a certain amount of time. It only works fine the first few minutes of starting up, afterwards everything stops working. However, windows is still functioning, just nothing can operate, if it does it is really slow.
  3. Try the virus scan but you my also have a failing hard drive. If you can get it booted again back up anything important as soon as it turns on.
  4. Update: Ran a virus scan with McAfee, nothing infected. But shutting down the laptop and waiting a few hours seemed to do the trick. Maybe it was an over heat issue?
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