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i was recovering a hard drive throuh recuva software......i started recovery process then after some time i minimized recuva.......after some time i tried to maximize the software but it didn't......thinkin computer got hang i restarted computer.......then i tried to access the hard drive it showed me to format ...... i clicked on format but i didn't happen.... then i came to know it got to raw format.....i tried from command prompt, disk manager to format it but it didnt now i need to get it back to ntfs to access the harddrive , what to do???
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  1. Yeah, as I know, the RAW format drive always needs to be re-formatted. However, if you still want to restore your data back. You could try a RAW drive recovery freeware here that has ever restored all the files of my friend from RAW pen drive. I hope it will help you, too.
    Afterwards, you should not forget to format this drive. If it is also not accomplished, you may download a format tool to help you:
    One more thing: You should also get used to copy all your crucial data on different drives for backing up.
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