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Hy there folks

My mate made me an offer for AMD A10-5800K ( NEW = 135€ )

I wish to ask, which Intel CPU is same or higher performance since i wish to stick with Intel and not AMD.

Any suggestions what to buy ?
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  1. If you currently have an Intel setup, it's of no use buying an AMD CPU since it won't fit on your motherboard. Is he selling you CPU/board and memory as a bundle?
  2. Tnx for reply

    Nah, i'm building new rig, first i'll buy CPU and than i'll find new MOBO.

    I've bought RAM allready so i just need i good CPU to start with.

    I got 2 options: 1st to go with NEW AMD or to buy used Intel.

    I'm willing to spare cca. 150€ on CPU, thats why i wish to see if there is any used intel at same price and same ranking with similar benchmarks
  3. Anyways the point is i'm searching for Intel CPU that has similar benchmark results as AMD A10-5800K for same price range. i3 / i5 ?? which one ?=)

    Prices are in dollars, and it is primarily focused on gaming, but should give you a good idea of comparitive performance.

    Keep in mind that the AMD A-series comes with fairly powerful on-board graphics. I assume you would want to buy a discrete GPU?
  5. Ofc, i'll buy new GPU, my mind os on HD7870
  6. If you plan on shopping right away, I would recommend the i5-3470 as a good starting point. It is more than powerful enough to pair any single GPU available. Get the -k version only if you plan to overclock.
  7. Think i'll go for i5 3350 ... seems decent price and decent benchmark ... Tnx for suggestions. ..

  8. FX-6300 is a lot of bang for your buck...
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