Alienware M14x R1 Temps over the top!

This is my 2 year old laptop and i've been getting insane temperatures. My laptop has always been really hot, since day 1 but I don't remember it being this bad. The fan is Jet loud 24/7, it's quite annoying. People have suggested thermal paste, but could there be something else that's wrong?

Gaming Temps: 10 minutes into League of Legends

Regular temps with 0 applications running.
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  1. the fan ramps up due to the temp, so it might indeed be the paste, or the heatsink is dirty?
  2. You need to clean and compressed air won't be good enough as there will be spots where the dust will remain thick. Then there is the film of dust on the fins which can only be scrubbed and the fan also has to be scrubbed so breaking down the machine is worth it. New thermal compound will also make a difference.
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