frame drop / skipping / micro stuttering

It was an ever existed problem in my old config and thought I could get rid of it by replacing the whole config. But unfortunately its still exists in every game I play even with my new config. Imagine you're driving a car on a straight road and the environment you'll soon leave behind on the sides of the screen just continuously jiggles / stuttering as you move forth. Its appearance is varied randomly but its very consistent all the time.

Every component of my PC is new, but the monitor. New Windows 7 Home, latest graphic and all needed drivers of course.

I'm really lost in finding out what could cause this since I bought a new PC completely and it still exists. Somewhere I read that sometimes monitors can do this if they connected to the PC via the old VGA port but my monitor (LG Flatron W1934S) does not have any HDMI or DVI connectors.

Is this correct? Can a monitor with only VGA (D-SUB) input be the source of this kind of frame skipping / micro stuttering?
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  1. specs?
  2. Its a TN panel monitor so I doubt it would be ghosting or anything similar. Hmmm, do you have any other monitors/tv/etc that you can hook up to it?
  3. isnt this related to gpu or something?
  4. Cons29 said:
    isnt this related to gpu or something?

    Its possible, though he said he completely replaced his system and its still occurring. The only place left to look that he hasn't swapped out would be the monitor. Or the cable.

    He should give us his old specs and his new specs, that might help us out a bit.
  5. My new specs are:

    Asrock FM2A85X Extreme4
    AMD A10 5800K APU
    2x4 Gb Kingston 2400 MHz ram dualchanneled
    1TB WD caviar
    450W Spire PSU (not changed)
    LG W1934S monitor (not changed)

    Ingame, even at around 50 FPS the stuttering / frame skipping is constant.
  6. Hmmm, yeah I would try hooking it up to a different monitor if you have one. A TV will also work.
  7. install afterburner or something. ask someone to stare at the fps while you play, see if you experience the same while having goof fps.
    but yeah, hook it to a tv or something
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