Best Wireless adapter for New PC build. Windows 7 64Bit Talk Talk router

Hi there guys, i'm building a pc soon and will be connecting to my home Wifi.
i'm just looking for some ideas as to the best wireless adapter; I would've gone for netgear although they don't have drivers for Windows 7 64 bit which I'll be using.
My other idea is a Belkin Wireless N300 but looking for a bit more help from people who know about this kinda stuff than me :)
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  1. Cnet and Tom's have excellent reviews of the newest routers. Asus has a router that supports the new 802.11ac standard and it consistently comes out the highest rated in reviews.
  2. thanks for the reply, but i'm after advice on what USB adapter to use, not the router.
  3. I assume it is a desktop since most laptops come with very good wireless.

    The one you linked is ok I guess the main selling point is it is very small. In this case they try to say they can run 300m which requires mimo support..which means it has multiple antenna. I doubt they can meet the spacing requirements for effective antenna placement in a tiny package. Also if you were to plug this into the back of the machine you will almost be surrounding it with metal

    For desktop machine I much prefer a larger unit that you can set on top of the machine. This allows you to move it around a bit if you do not get strong signal or use a 15ft USB cable and put it across the room if things are really bad.

    This is one I have used that works well and is cheap I just wish you could replace the antenna.

    If you main concern is appearance and hiding the adapter the one you linked will likely work ok.
  4. how far from the router and how many walls and whether they are brick or plasterboard affects which adapter you need

    personally i prefer ones where you can remove the antenna and put a better antenna on if needed

    and i use a 6 foot usb cable so the case doesnt block the signal

    i am in a victorian building and these brick walls are thick
  5. thanks Bill, I linked the one in OP because it seemed to have a good connection speed; I'm not fussed about it being discrete. I'll take a good connection speed over discreteness every day of the week :)
  6. and @mcnumpty, first of all nice username, and my room is directly above the room where the router is.
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