Intermittent wireless connection issue

I am having an issue wherein from time to time my internet connection will drop. My little network indicator in the bottom right of the screen says I am connected to the network and if I navigate to my router's IP, I can access that, but I cannot access the internet. If I try to navigate to (, it also fails, so it is not a DNS issue.

I have a command prompt set to just ping over and over, and when my internet drop I get "Request timed out". If this happens while playing a game of League of Legends, I drop connection and become unable to control my character. If I happen to have Mumble or Skype running, I can still hear what others are saying, but cannot talk back to them. I can, however, communicate using text in Mumble, so there is some communication going on still.

It is temporarily fixed by unplugged my wireless adapter and plugging it back in. No other computers in the house are having this issue. I am using a Linksys AE1200 wireless adapter and a ASUS RT-N56U router. Any ideas, guys?
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  1. I have the same router - and the router has "Ai Radar Optimized and Reliable Wireless Coverage" This for the most part is a good thing, but sometimes it really hurts performance. To solve the issue, I had to move the router to approximately 22 degrees (assuming the router initially faced the "6" on a clock, it would be facing in between the 7 and 8). This solved this issue.
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