Failed to load ISRT Raid drivers during Windows 7-Pro install

I failed to load Intel's RAID driver (ISRT) during my Windows install. I have an after-market HighPoint RAID controller card and 4 WD SAS 3TB hard drives. Now, the RAID10 array is seen in the BIOS and in HighPoint's utility, but not in Windows. How do I load the Intel RAID driver without having to completely reinstall Windows?
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  1. Well if you have a HighPoint RAID controller, shouldn't you load HighPoint drivers instead?
  2. Yes, I did load the highpoint drivers. The array shows up in their management console. This array is not a boot, just storage. So when I try to use the array for storage, it does not show up in windows...
  3. Go into Window Disk Management, initialize the array, assign it a drive letter, and Quick format it. It should then be ready to use.
  4. The drives are not showing up in Windows Disk Manager
  5. I updated the firmware for the HighPoint RocketRAID card (had attempted to update the firmware earlier and thought I had done it successfully, but I realized I hadn't), and re-verified the drives. Restarted Windows and, viola!, the drives showed up in Disk Management. Formatted the drives in Windows and now I am good to go. Thanks Dereck47 & MC_K7 for your help!

    - Setup is: RAID 1_0 array across 4 x 3TB Western Digital Red WD30EFRX NAS drives. Windows is installed on a seperate 500GB WD Black drive. HighPoint firmware update found at -
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