Monitor going black leading to computer freezing and sound locking/looping.

Hey guys. This is really driving me up the wall now. It has normally happened during games of Starcraft 2 but has even started happening on the Windows log in screen now.

Basically what will happen is the screen will go black and sound will continue until something in the desktop shuts down (I think it is the GPU) and the sound locks and loops repeatedly forcing a restart. Previously the computer has been restarting somewhat randomly due to the Anti-Surge protection on BIOS that I then decided to disable. I do not believe it is down to the GPU overheating as just before it has occurred out of games my GPU core temperature has been at 49C. Possibly a dying power unit? All drivers are updated. Windows has been re-installed also, but still the problem is there.

I'm running a Corsair 600w CX builder series power unit
Radeon 6950
i5 2600k Sandy Bridge
8GB Ram (Did suspect to be faulty ram but MemTest scans came back fine)
750gb HDD

Many regards
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  1. if asus anti surege was giving you warnings then you have a power issue with your system. download hardware monitor and see under normal use if any of the power supply voltage drop below atx spec.
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