Gigabyte compatible motherboard to an ASRock 775I65GV

Dear Guru Guys,

I'm thinking to get the ASRock 775I65GV motherboard BUT I remember from this site that Gigabyte also do a compatible motherboard that may have more features for me (such as higher CPU's and RAM). However, can I find it can I hell.

Please, please can someone tell me the Gigabyte motherboard model number, as I'm pulling my hair out here?

Thank you in advance, Jonathan
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  1. Are you replacing the motherboard in an existing computer?
  2. Thank you for replying - Yes is the answer. I've been ringing around and making trips to find a compatible motherboard to a Packard Bell iXtream Gold MC 1807 and got the ASRock thumbs up that fitment will be fine.

    But before I spend the dosh, I'm trying to rule out the other competitor, just in case theirs is better and a little future proof.

    I'm tying to save as much as possible, good prices on e-bay at the minute for the ASRock but want to know about the Gigabyte motherboard.

    Hope you'll reply again, Jonathan
  3. Nothing will be future proof here. The lga775 socket has been dead for a long time. These board will be exactly the same. You will have to reinstall windows. Do not forget that.
  4. Yep got the Win 7 at the ready, just want the double check on this motherboard issue with Gigabyte.

    So do you know the Gigabyte motherboard model number???
  5. Just google Gigabyte lga775 motherboard. There will be many options.
  6. what chipset would be best?
  7. The same one you current board has.
  8. Sorry having a thick moment, how do I find that out please
  9. Do you know what motherboard you have now? Google it and find the specs.
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