Really Bad Problem on My PC,Need HELP!

Recently i ha installed the ArcSoft Media Center 3 as suggested as a driver for my TV Tuner (Crypto Redi PC 50).The problem is that i didnt see that the driver was only for windows 7 and i installed on windows 8 and now i cannot turn of the pc after this program was installed.I mean that im starting normally the pc with out any problems but after a minute that the pc is on i cannot shut it down or hibernate or change user,sometimes im able to to reboot it but still i cannot shut it down.

The possible solutions that i tried out:I tried to fix the program by it is own client,didnt work

I tried to unistall it,i did it but the problem is still there.

I Tried to fix the registry with the CCleaner,still the same.

I tried to fix the registry manually,i did it but it still the same.

I dont want to reinstall the windows again.

So any other possible-non harming for the pc-solution?

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  1. Are you saying that the "Shut Down", "Switch User", and "Hibernate" options just disappeared from the menu? If so, that would probably be some malware?

    Make your desktop active, and press Alt + F4. That will bring up a shutdown menu. See if the options are there.
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