CD Drive Unresponsive, "Thinking" Light blinking at regular intervals, in unison with HDD.

I replaced the PSU and GPU in my Windows Vista Home Basic 32 bit computer, and I plugged everything in and powered up the machine. All the fans spun really fast, and nothing booted, so I powered down, realized the 4-Pin Motherboard peripheral (located near the CPU/heatsink in most modern Mobo's) was left unplugged, silly me. After plugging it in and rebooting, everything starts up normal. Then I noticed the CD/DVD Drive's light was blinking at regular intervals, in perfect unison with my HDD drive's "thinking" light. Since this occurrence, the Hard drive has been losing empty space dramatically fast (it filled 4 gb of unknown information over night?) and the computer itself is running ridiculously slow.

My Hard Drive is SATA, and the Disk drive is IDE I believe...

Motherboard: EM61SM/EM61PM
New PSU: Rosewill 600W

I tried reconnecting the drive in literally all six of the power ports that come with my new PSU, and I reconnected all cables in the back, they are all clean and snug with the proper amount of pins. The BIOS does not detect a CD/DVD drive ( device not found ) and in the Windows Device Manager, there is no option for my CD drive (I belive it was normally drive F).

If anybody could help with this, it will be greatly appreciated, I just want my computer running at it's full potential again, especially with this sweet new graphic card :) Thanks in advance.
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    I would be checking your Master / Slave config on both HDD and ODD as well as the cable.

    Everything inside the computer is hooked up exactly the same way it was with the old psu... I dont understand why it would change the master/slave config at all

    I looked in the BIOS and it doesn't even find a CD drive at all. I might just run to the local Best Buy and pick up a new, faster one for a measly 20$, if I can't figure it out by tomorrow.
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