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I have an ASUS Laptop (G75VW-AH71) and it came with windows 8 on it. I gave it to my GF and she absolutely hates windows 8. So I bought windows 7 and am trying to install it. I tried doing it right from win 8 OS but on its first restart ( after files are installed and it starts to expand) it comes on but stays at a black screen. I've tried this multiple times and it always happens. So ten I went into BIOS and changed it to boot from disc. As it starts it installs windows files then the colorful windows icon comes up and it locks up there every time. I figured installing windows 7 would be an easy task but its turning out to be a headache. I don't know if its ASUS or windows preventing me from ding this. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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  1. You have to disable the new Windows 8 secure boot feature in your Windows 8 machine's BIOS settings first.
  2. Thank you both for the responses. I had already disabled the secure boot feature I will try to enable the launch CSM as stated in that link. Will let you know. again thank you both for the quick responses
  3. Yep many people have had this exact same problem, including me!

    Go into your BIOS - disable secure boot - enable CSM - Install to your hearts content!

    CSM = Compatibility Support Module in case your BIOS shows it that way
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