Gigabyte MB GA-Z77-HD4

I just built this system. When I boot to DVD to format the hard drive as soon as a Windows disk or various other windows rescue disks get ready to display a graphic image I get the BSOD. This has happened with the OB graphics as well as a PCI card. Any ideas., I am using 8gbx2 Gskill memory ddr3 1600. I have run memory diagnostics and other non graphic diagnostics and they work just fine.
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  1. Hi, Have you tried connecting the DVD drive to a different SATA II port?
  2. I will try that however there was an interesting development. All the disks I tried were xp based. I put in the Windows 7 setup disk and to my surprise the first graphic screen came up. I had an appointment and was not able to continue but I will try that tomorrow. If that works I am confused as to why XP would not be able boot in basic VGA mode. I will post back tomorrow.
  3. If SATA is set as AHCI mode (normal for Win7), XP can't use that. XP needs to have SATA set as IDE mode. I don't know if this is your issue, but it is something to remember.
  4. Clutchc:

    Sata is set for ACHI mode. That explains it. I would never have thought of that. Thanks,

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