Enable AHCI for SSD performance

I have lenovo u410 and I assume it supports AHCI mode since I can choose that option from BIOS instead of RAID. Running WIN7.

I applied the registry fix to enable msahci.sys driver at boot time (start=0)
I changed mode to AHCI in BIOS
booted and got a blue screen......

I see in my device manager there is only intel RAID controller no intel AHCI controller, I am sure the PC does not have controller so eventhough WIN7 has drivers, it can not work.

Can any one tell me, how should I download Intel AHCI controller to make AHCI mode work?
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  1. First off, I don't think you need to turn on AHCI in the BIOS, because the 7-series chipsets have all of the necessary SSD functions like TRIM support enabled. I would assume that since the Lenovo u410 is an ultrabook with an ivy-bridge processor, that it's using a 7-series chipset. A quick google search for "lenovo u410 chipset" says that it is using an HM77 chipset.

    So in other words, stop tinkering. There's no need to turn on AHCI.
  2. AHCI is not a controller. You cannot download and install an AHCI controller. It is one of several data storage modes you can select in the motherboard's system BIOS. Since it is a system BIOS feature you will not find it in the Microsoft Windows device manager.

    You already know how to enable AHCI mode in the system BIOS. There was no need to do anything in Microsoft Windows 7 Registry. Follow instructions in the link posted by biggwot to fix the problem.

    You may want to check the Lenovo web site to see if there are any other system BIOS updates, chipset updates, and driver updates.
  3. JohnnyLucky said:

    Haha, close enough...
  4. wiggbot said:

    Thanks for the guide ... But still I am unable to boot if I select "AHCI" in BIOS. I did that with and without registry change. You said after booting in "AHCI" mode first time, Windows will automatically start installing AHCI drivers but nothing happened like that...

    Basically, I see in my device manager, I have "Intel 7 series chipset RAID controller"
    64Bit windows 7 already installed.
    I downloaded Intel storage manager and enabled RAID for SSD. HDD is accelerated through RAID cache SSD but still NO LUCK WITH AHCI
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