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I copied my Outlook Express DBX files onto a memory stick; okay but after that I'm stuck: the newer version of Outlook Express on the Windows XP platform has IMPORT functions for e-mails and address book but not for sent messages or received messages.

What Am I supposed to do... import each file separately>? I saw a web site that said you could import the whole thing and Outlook Express will do the rest: Is this true? I've looked at so many web pages on this I can't even begin to remember which one it was... All the instructions are slightly different and all the versions are slightly different. This makes it confusing as hell not knowing which instructions are the right one for my Outlook Express.

I don't want to mess this up, so I need some help to walk me through the whole process. Th last time I exported my e-mails form Outlook Express I lost 4 years of e-mail and contacts due to a corrupted file. I don't want to screw this up again.
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  1. Is the "new version of Outlook Express" actually called Windows Live Mail? If not, it should be enough to create a new account in OE and put in all the names and settings you used when you made the original account, then overwrite the new files the system created for that account with your imported .dbx files. If it is Windows Live mail, it might get a bit more complicated but is still possible.
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