How to cool down the GPU Temp

I downloaded Speedfan to check on my temperature, and I noticed a burning symbol right next to the GPU, Reading 128C.
My core is a Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E2210 @ 2.20GHz
Please, I want to know how to cool it off before I do anything else
Update: I downloaded GPU-Z and check the temp and cleaned my PC from dust yesterday, but the base temp is 112C.
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  1. I personally never cared for speed fan because I have gotten wrong temps and never was able to control fans. With a temp like that the GPU would be about to catch fire if not already on fire. Besides if it was that high the card would of crashed. Usually the max temps are 110°C then they crash from over heating.

    That temp reading is wrong try CPUID (HardWare) HW monitor, GPU-Z or even OCCT to get the temp that is reliable.
  2. Either your card is reporting the wrong temperature or the Speedfan program is buggy.

    At 128C your card would shutdown. Try a different program like the ones suggested above me here.
  3. Yeah, i agree with both guys above. Check with something else. I also had problems with speedfan. Just double check that you don't have options set to Fahrenheit.
  4. open your case and check that the gpu fan is moving and nut dust bound. with older pc you should blow the dust bunnies out once a year and make sure the fan are spinning up to speed.
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