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I bought a computer with a 40gb HDD with Windows XP.(The motherboard has two HDD ports) I Put a 160 gb hard drive in for additional space, but I also installed Windows Vista on the 160gb HDD. Im running Vista now on the new HDD. I have another 160GB HDD I want to install, but everytime I unhook the 40gb HDD, and install the 2nd 160gb HDD, I just get a black screen. It will no longer boot even though the OS is still on the 1st 160gb HDD. Any ideas how to resolve this? :??:
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  1. Erase everything and start from scratch with the 2x HDD in RAID 0. Install Vista on it as Im gonna bet you are not running X-fi soundcard. Besides, Vista has native RAID drivers
  2. Those are PATA or SATA disks? If they are PATA make sure that new 160GB has same jumper settings (master, slave, cable select, single) as 40GB and that is connected same way as 40GB drive.
  3. Sata
  4. And how many sata ports motherboard has?
  5. It has two. The original HDD is a SATA hookup.
  6. in the bios did you make the 160g drive the first boot device?? if not there could be your issue. most times when you install a new os you have to unplug the other hard drive. windows looks for the first drive with a partion that called c and will install itself there. with two hard drive windows may have installed itself on the xp drive.
  7. Have you tried to connect second HDD only and see if it recognized in bios?

    And then with both? Check if it is SATA + MOLEX power connector on disk to replace with other power connector.
  8. Ive pressed a few keys trying to get to the bios, and I cant seem to access it on the start up. I have an HP Compaq dc5100 sff. How could I get to the bios on this pc?
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    Probably the problem is that the MBR is on the 40Gb HDD (the small program that loads the OS).

    You can use EasyBCD to copy the MBR into your existing 160Gb disk, and then remove the 40Gb one:
  10. F1 or F2 or del... keep pressing F1 to access it. If not working try with F2 or del.
  11. I followed Ballantin's idea, now to go to the bios and make it the first boot device. I'll be back.
  12. Thanks everyone!
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