ASUS PCI express is at x8 for single card not x16

my PCI express is running at x8 instead of x16. I am sure it is a cause of some FPS loss on my 6950. I read the manual and apparently when i got the MB a blank card came with it that was supposed to go in the nonused express slot, i dont have it. its been a year and just now figured this out lol. Is there anything i can do for this issue? cant seem to find a replacement blank card for the slot.
( i am running a single card)
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  1. What is your exact motherboard?
  2. Please post motherboard model, kind of hard to help you without it. Anyway, first thing that comes to mind for me is that I've never heard of a blank card that goes into an unused PCIe slot. I've heard of PCIe risers and manual lane switches but never a blank card. In the event you actually need this blank card and it's the cause of your issue then you'll have to contact the maker of your motherboard to get a replacement blank card.

    Also, as long as you're running PCIe 2.0 even at 8x you really aren't losing any significant amount of frames.
  3. Unlock your 6950 to a 6970 lol! That is if you can ;) Also I dont think you need a fake video card in there to make it work. It seems counter intuitive to me, with a fake card it might read its running 2 cards, and would operate both cards at 8x instead of 1 at 16x. I have an ASUS MOBO too love it, I didnt get a fake cad with mine... Although it reads my ram at a slower speed on the bios tool, but it is operating at 1600MHZ I checked on windows. I think your Card is running fine. But wait and see what others say.
  4. Alright I've looked at images of your ASUS motherboard and it looks like it did come with some sort of PCIe card which I find exceptionally unusual.

    In any case, if you want to get your full 16 PCIe lanes you're going to have to contact ASUS customer support and get a replacement blank-card.
  5. M4A89GTD PRO
  6. yea lol looks like you need the "VGA switch card" (that's what they call it) to get the main slot to run at 16x. Contact asus I guess or do a search to see if you can find it elsewhere.

    3rd paragraph on this article explains it

    also I agree with the above poster... at pcie-2.0 and 8x you aren't losing any FPS
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    I agree with s3anister and amirp, they pulled the old "VGA switch card" on ya, lol! However, the good news is that 8x PCIe 2.0 lanes aren't going to hold back that 6950. I honestly wouldn't bother trying to get a silly replacement switcharoo card. I'm not sure but maybe your Phenom is holding you back in certain situations.
  8. I have never seen this before interesting, but PCI-E 2.0 8x should be plenty. These guys know what they're talking about
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