Installing MOBO Drivers ASUS P8Z77-LK onto computer stuck on screen [first time] lol

hey guys, finally built my computer set it up and just put in the driver cd and trying to set this up.

A shop where i bought some of the parts they had mounted the mobo and updated the BIOS... but i still need to install these drivers right?

anyways.. the first screen that i came across is choose 1 out of 3

32bit raid/ahci driver
64bit raid/ahci driver
free command dos or some shit.

i chose 64 bit... and now it says "please insert your fomated floppy to A:/..

im confused ROFL.
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  1. Hi,
    Is Windows installed?
  2. no sir, x_x''.. gotta install that first?
  3. Best answer
    Yes, install firstly Windows.
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