windows 7 slow start up on start windows screen(5-7mins)

hello i have posted this thread to see if i can get any help on my pc's slow booting time.

the problem is when it hits the windows start up screen (one with the flag) it takes ages for the flag to appear and computer to boot up from there

this has nothing to do with pc being slow and i have a bit of extra information, this only started happening after my friend plugged in his external into my pc

im wondering if any one can help me fix this problem. if some one could help me i would much appreciated it
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  1. The standard line here....

    Have you run spy/malware utilities? Anti-virus up to date?

    How old is your install? My install is going on 4 years now, and it has slowed down considerably. I just installed again on a new drive, and boot time increased quite a bit.

    In light of that, not running SSD, or a 10k HD, 5-7 minutes is normal for me. Stop turning your computer off :) It saves lots of time.
  2. tbh 90% of the time i put it to sleep but when im forced to turn it off i have to wait along time.

    but yea to get to the point it isnt anything to do with any slowness of my pc or hard drive.
    i got a little more info, at the windows boot screen it gets stuck on a certain file that it is trying to load

    i will post whatf it gets stuck on a little later i dont really have time right atm
  3. doesn't this get cleared up after a few re-boots?
    The long delay sometimes happens when I remove a temporary hard disk from the system. Windows 7 seems to 'wait' for the removed disk but eventually 'gives up'.

    leorik said:
    this only started happening after my friend plugged in his external into my pc

    you've missed a most important word here, presumably it's an external USB hard disk

    5-7 minutes is a ridiculous boot time for a working system. I haven't got SSD or 10k rpm HDD and only an old dual-core Conroe system, but it boots in ~45 seconds. Also, unlike XP, Windows 7 doesn't normally slow down with age, except by installing more stuff/gadgets/apps, etc. On the contrary, a 2-week old W7 system starts noticeably faster than a brand-new fresh install, because it has had time to defrag and optimize file placement.
  4. My guess is that something on your friend's hard drive had a spyware, virus or severely corrupted item on the hard drive. I would reccomend getting an Anti-Malware software. Here's a site that has helped me on many occasions: The free download works fine, it gives you quick scan and full scan. I recomend you doing quick scan first, as it usually picks up things. If that is to no avail, try doing a full scan. It may be tedius, but it's worth it to get rid of whatever is causing your computer to fail on you. Also, i recomend getting AVG if you havent already got it, it is an excellent anti-virus software that will protect your pc against almost all virus's.

    Hope this helps :)
  5. Also pressuming the external was a External Hard Drive

    Same applises for USB sticks
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