Will upgrading my OLD Laptop in the future, improve its performance ?

Hello Community members,
I wanted to ask some questions.
I am now planning to buy a desktop for me (Assembling myself).
I want some high performance and after a very long research on laptops that laptop are very expensive if see performance wise. So, I am planning to build a Desktop in near future.
The question regarding my current laptop is, If I upgrade the Laptop with an SSD and upgrade its ram to 4gb 1600Mhz, Will there be any performance boost in it, regarding to CPU tasks ?
Here are the specs of the Laptop:
Intel Celeron 900 @ 2.2Ghz (Single Core)
1Gb RAM @ 1066Mhz
Integrated Graphics
160GB Hardrive (5400RPM)

Here's my Desktop Configuration:
Intel Core I7 3770 @ 3.4Ghz
Asus NVIDIA Geforce GTX 650 Ti 1 GB DDR5 (I do not do much gaming, but still I am buying a Graphics Card for some Performance ).
8Gb Corsair Vengeance (4GB x 2) 1600Mhz DDR3 RAM
ASRock H77 Pro 4 / MVP Motherboard
1TB 7200RPM Hard Drive + 60GB SSD SATA III Interface.
15.6 Inch 1366 x 768 Monitor.

Sorry, For such a long thread, But Please help, Will it be a good buy ?

But, One more Question, (Please Answer)
Q: As I will be buying the Parts at around end of this year, What if I upgrade my I7 3770 directly to the Upcoming (being released in June, I have listened so) I7 4770
(4th Generation). Will it give any performance boost ?
Waiting for reply with interest.
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  1. adding more ram to your laptop will only help memory intensive programs, it will not give you cpu a performance boost directly. as for your desktop build everything looks fairly good though i have a couple suggestions. on you mech hdd...make sure you have at least 32mb of cache, 64mb is much better for higher speed read and writes. though not essential in the since you have an ssd which has very high transfer rates anyways...just might be good if you plan on sending big files to you mech hdd.
    also what PSU are you getting/using? something in the 700w range is good but if you want to do some overclocking...8-850w might not be a better investment.

    As for upgrading from a 3770 to a 4770...you'll need another motherboard as 3770 is socket 1155 and haswell's like 4770 will be socket 1150.
  2. If you have an SSD and the HDD is used for data storage only you'll only need a HDD with 8-16MB. If you are a bit impatient then get a HDD with 32 or 64MB of cache. Laptop components are mostly soldered on like processors and graphics, and there's no point upgrading anything else when you cannot upgrade the CPU and GPU especially if it is a low-end and old.
    Upgrading from a 3770 to a 4770 is not possible, you have to get a new motherboard. However the performance difference is not significant. If you are not gaming a 6570/6670 from AMD or a GT630 from Nvidia will suffice.
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