PC won't shut down

Hello all...

My PC won't shut down. When I click shut down on Win8 it follows through, and shut's down for a split second then turns back on.
The actual power button does not respond when I shut it off or on either. Same thing happens when I put it to sleep.
This may have been caused by my recent upgrade of a my motherboard and processor (I had a Athlon II X2 215 with a Pegatron Violet 6). It was originally a HP.
I put in a Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 with a AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition.
I suspect there's an issue with the F Panel, but I can't tell.
Another problem is that the light for "hey, i'm working with the disk" is always on and never off.
I played with the Bios a bit but nothing seemed to change things.
Please, help.
This is really annoying.
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  1. I think you got the shutdown button connected wrong in motherboard. Please double check with you mobo manual that you have connected to the right pin, then come back and let me know.
  2. Imomun!
    Thanks for the reply. You confirmed my fears. I had inserted the plug for the F_Panel on the COM serial port panel. Simply because it fit. There was one remaining 5 pin plug for the SD/XD card reader where I got confused where it would go. But it seems it goes straight to a USB , covering only half of the actual port.
    Let me know what you think man!
  3. Best answer
    Probably. Please read the manual again if no manual then look closely with a magnifying glass theres a diagram printed on the PCB its the white pin connectors just beside the 4 blue sata points It should tell you which connector goes where. This is why I like asus bards with Q connectors makes life easy.

    Edit: found the PDF manual for you here you go it explains connectors !

    Don't for get to pick this as solution when you close the thread. :)
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