Budget GPU Gaming at 1600x900

Hi guys im looking for a budget gpu that can play games at 1600x900
my games at black light Dota 2 COD MW LoL
since replacing my monitor which is 16 inches then moving up to 20 inches which has a resolution of 1600x900 suddenly my gpu cant handle it. My budget is around 100-175$
my system is
core i3-2120 3.3Ghz
Asus p8h61
nVidia 9500GT
500gb hdd
4GB ram
Windows 7 ultimate-64bit

Any tips to improve gaming on my rig?
Thank You!
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  1. There's some good budget choices such as GTX 650 or 650Ti and HD 7770 that should be sufficient for your usage.

    Edit: HD 7850 is also a great choice but cost few extra dollars.
  2. can it play crysis 3 even in med settings? or Black Ops 2? Was thinking about 7770 but it is similarly priced with 550ti, is 7770 better?
  3. I suggest get gtx 650ti 1gb for that resolution.it will handle games pretty well and will last longer than hd 7770.while hd 7770 can litle struggle in coming up year as games are more demanding.raise the budget and get gtx 650ti.you will never regret later.
  4. HD7770 is a really solid basic card, the GTX550Ti is kinda similar but older.

    Given you've said you can go up to $175, I'd definitely be considering the HD7850 as they start at $160, and get a 2Gb version if you can.
    With that you'll be able to play the games you want with most of the settings turned up. Based on the benchmarks on this site you'll get around 40fps with the High detail preset in Crysis 3.
  5. Toms did a review and benchmark of Crysis 3 and Black Ops 2 on many different cards.
    Crysis 3 : http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/crysis-3-performance-benchmark-gaming,3451-5.html
    Black Ops 2 : http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/crysis-3-performance-benchmark-gaming,3451-5.html

    Personally, i'd go with 7770 since it's newer than 550ti.
  6. Well you have budget of $175 then get hd 7850 or gtx 650ti.no need to look at hd 7770.
  7. I found a inno 3d gtx 650 for only 125 will this suffice? but there is no ti :|
  8. Go for a 7850 if you can find one for $175 if not go for a 650 Ti
  9. feb289 said:
    I found a inno 3d gtx 650 for only 125 will this suffice? but there is no ti :|

    find at online store.find gtx 650ti or hd 7850 or if you not able to find these both then get hd 7770

    hd 7850 > gtx 650ti > hd 7770 >gtx650/hd7750
  10. Thank ou guys for helping me! Gonna work my ass off for the 650 if i cant wait ill get the 7750 or the 7770 :D Thanks :D
  11. get minimum hd 7770
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