I'm getting lags on crysis 3

My setup ,
i7 3770k Oc to 4.4ghz
G1 sniper m3 mobo
Corsair vengeance 32 gb
Sapphire Oc boost 7970 3gb crossfire
Cooler master prom2 850w silver psu

How can I find out if my desktop is bottlenecking ,how to improve crysis 3 graphic performance?
I'm an idiot when it comes to tech stuff.so please pardon my amatureness towards my question.thanks people
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  1. How much FPS do you get and what resolution are you playing on ?
    Also,try disabling CF.I've heard some people have issues w/CF and Crysis 3
  2. In game setting turn off the vsync and motion blur and reduce AA and you will be fine.
  3. Are you experiencing the issue in campaign mode or multiplayer?
    but yes, even in campaign mode motion blur, Vsync, AA and shadows can all be turned off/lowered to improve performance
  4. I'm running at 1920 x 1080 resolution .im getting most lag in campaign mode.in multiplayer it runs smoothly.
    Crossfiring 7970 can't run crysis 3 at max settings?im getting about 70 to 80 fps but its lags in between cutscenes ,even during gameplay .
  5. I've overclock we my two gpu as well from 950 stock to 1000mhz.
  6. I have to turn my v sync on cos I'm having a very old sharp 40 inch HDTV which runs at 1080p it's only 60hz and without the vsync on the fps goes up with screen tear and choppiness
  7. Thanks Big Mac,does this mean I can switch off vsync in game and just use msi afterburner frame rate limiter?sorry bro I'm a fuckin noob
  8. What are your specs bro,big Mac?
  9. Oops sorry my bad,I just saw your specs below your MSG
  10. I max it on two 6950's so you should be fine, although I'm on a monitor, not a TV, that may be part of your problem,
    I'd try unclocking your cards as well, I noticed problems once I overclocked mine, Cpu clocking doesn't seem to be a problem though, just my cards
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