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my system shows cmos checksum bad cmos date/time not set, press f1 or f2. i replaced motherboard coin cell. it runs nice but on next startup same problem. showing cmos checksum bad. the new cell reads 3v. plz help.
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  1. Bad Mobo. If you have already replaced the cmos bat and its still doing it, time to get a new board.
  2. hi,
    this is farfetched but try to change the power supply, sometimes bad supply can freeze mobo(ruining your cmos), even if the pc is off.
  3. New problem arise. When powering up my computer it shows cmos checksum bad, press f1 or f2. After booting and setting date and time in windows. It runs for 10 to 12 mins and restarts automatically. After restart no cmos error during booting and the system runs nice continousely until I shut it down. Next time or later when i turn it on there is cmos error and restarting after 10 minutes. I cant get the problem sloved. please some body help me. Thanks in advance.
  4. i repeat borrow a psu from a friend and try, it may work.
    but probably you will need a new mobo.
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