Is it worth to get NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti OC if I can only afford I3 2120?

I wan't to buy a new PC, mainly for gaming (hopefully PCSX2 Ver. 1.1.0). I wan't to use I3 2120 with an US$ 130 VGA Card (I think sandy bridge I5's will be wasted on those class of VGA Cards). I'm attracted with Digital Alliance Geforce GTX 650 Ti OC 1024MB DDR5 128 Bit, but have doubts on whether the VGA card will be fully utilized if I combine it with I3 2120, mainly because I am told that the sandy bridge can only use PCI e 2.0 VGA Cards (the GTX 650 TI OC was based on PCI e 3.0). Can anyone suggest a good value (bang for buck) VGA Card at US $ 130 for the I3 2120, along with suggested Motherboards for it (preferably in the US $ 65 range).
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  1. i3 2120 is still a great cpu for will easily handle gtx 650ti.pci 3.0 are backward compaitable with pci 2.0 and there will be no performance loss if you put pci 3.0 in pci 2.0slot

    and avoid Digital Alliance gpu .raise budget and get evga gtx 650ti @145-150$
    see here no measurable diffrerence @x16 with high end gpus

    see how i3 has performed with monster hd 7970ghz

  2. It'll be ok, not bottlenecking at any state, a friend of mine run a I3 3220 with a 680 and except in CPU intensive games like BF3, he have within 5-10% of my frame rate with a I7 3770k (at stock speed as when overclocked i get more)
  3. Is there any other alternative to the EVGA? It's Kinda hard to get EVGA VGA where i live (Jakarta Indonesia). My GTX 650 Ti options is limited to Gigabyte 1 GB (approx. US$ 190), Gigabyte 2GB (US$ 200), Manli 1 Gb (US$ 140), Manli 2 GB (US$ 160), MSI Hawk 1 Gb (US$ 180), Winfast 1 Gb (US$ 170), Zotac 1 Gb (US$ 140), and Zotac 2 Gb (US$ 160). The Digital Alliance is around US$ 140, why does the DA VGA is not recommended in the forum?
  4. Digital Alliance is not reputed.i suggest get zotac gtx 650ti 1gb
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