ACER 5315 really dead: No green light

My ACER 5315 is really dead, inasmuch as when I plug a good AC adaptor into it, the green light, the one left front, does not even come on. Just packed in when it was on. Sounds like a hardware problem, but how can you psyche out what the fault is? Anyone know what the fault might be? Thanks. Rich
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  1. if you use it only on the battery does it work ?
  2. scout_03 said:
    if you use it only on the battery does it work ?

    No. I have two identical 5315's. The broken one has a very poor battery. So, I put the decent battery into the broken laptop, made sure the power plug was out, and pressed the On button. Nothing. No lights (specifically no green light on the left). There are two small LED lights. The left one has an icon near it, like a light bulb. The right one has a icon showing a battery.

    On the good laptop, when I attach the DC power plug, the right hand LED (battery icon) lights up amber. When I switch the laptop on, the left LED (light bulb icon) shows green.

    On the bad laptop, no LED lights up in any circumstances.

    EDIT1: The amber light eventually turns green. So, on a laptop with a charged battery, two green lights would show.
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    Hi :)

    Probably motherboard...laptop repair shop for diagnosis...

    All the best Brett :)
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