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a question about this item

is this a good monitor?LG 24 inch Slim Led Monitor E2442V ??

can someone help me choose a good monitor in this site

worth Php 8000 - Php 10000 i'm from the Philippines btw :)

1$ = 40 Php
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  1. are they both good for gaming sir?
  2. sir can you pick a 24-inch monitor gaming purposes for me ? :)
  3. iBlitz said:
    are they both good for gaming sir?

    Led monitors good for gaming consumes less watt. 2ms or less response time is good if your a Gamer. I use Samsung and im very happy with the quality, heres one I your site

    Hope this helps
  4. for gaming avoid that ASUS VS239H 23" due to 14ms response time
  5. should buy monitor with HDMI ? or not?
  6. hdmi is more better.go with it
  7. This look like a better deal for you with hdmi
    full 1080p 5ms response
    Good gaming monitor :)
  8. ^ yes that is good
  9. anything else?
  10. BenQ RL2450HT 24inch :)
  11. Best answer
    100% the ASUS VS239H-P Black 23" 5ms (GTG) HDMI Widescreen LED Monitor 250 cd/m2 ASCR 50,000,000:1, IPS Panel FOR GAMING.

    Hope this solves your thread "a question about this item" and don't forget to pick a solution, Goodluck
  12. thanks
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