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Installed the h60 corsair. Have reseated this thing 3 times now insuring that it is seated correctly. Using arctic 5 and yes only the amount of a grain of rice. Pump is reading 4k rpm give or take and radiator fan at 2k.
Bios still reads 45-50c idle and bios is flashed to most current. running 4 different temp programs hwm, speedfan, core temp, and amd overdrive monitoring temps. cpuid hwm is showing tmp0 at 28-48, tmpin1 at 47-57, and tmpin2 at 30-32c. I would assume tmpin1 is cpu becuase it is closest to bios temps, but you know what they say about people who assume. If this is the case why are temps so high?
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  1. Well, how hot is the room the computer is in?
  2. wanderer11 said:
    Well, how hot is the room the computer is in?

    19.5c is amb room temp

    screenshot of temps
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