My brand New PC reboots while playing games like Battlefield 3 or DOTA 2

Good afternoon! My brand new PC (it is 2 weeks) keeps rebooting while I play games. There are no lags or something like this. It just reboots and after 10 sec. I can use it again.
I can't understand what causes it.
Here are my specs:

Core i5 3570K (3.40GHz)
ASRock P67 Extreme 4
240GB SSD + 2000GB HDD
16GB DDR3-1600
Coolermaster 690 II Advanced Midi Tower
750W PSU
2GB GeForce GTX 660

Problem is definately not cooling - I played it with SppedFAn and everything stays at 30°.
Please, I really need help!
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  1. What I should add is that I can play games like Binding Of Isaac or Bastion without problems. But 3d games don't run for some reason.
  2. What brand PWU do you have? Brand GPU?
  3. use hwmonitor and speed fan together. you can never be absolutely sure speedfan is correct. i found this out when i overclocked my 920. suddenly it was 10'c cooler even though it was running 1ghz faster than stock. i load up hwmonitor and see my temps were 10'c higher than in speed fan.
    so i recommend you use something else. hw monitor/ real temp/core temp are 3 good 1s.
    use gpu-z to monitor your gpu temps and vddc(vrm/voltage regulator modules) voltages/temps.

    also go into bios and load optimized defaults. disable any auto overclocking software you may be running.
    after which you should run prime 95 blend test for 6-8 iterations. if it doesnt conk out with that stress test you can assume your pc is somewhere near stable...
    lastly check the ctrl pannel/admin tools/events/ events viewer application/system for red X or yellow triangles... especially check for critical errors which should show in the first tab you open when you select the event viewer.
  4. Where can I find information about my PSU?
  5. Hm, these are only things that are in protocol:
    Kernel Power. One time per day. What is it and how should I deal with it?
  6. GetOverHere said:
    Where can I find information about my PSU?

    Open your computer and read the side of the PSU. Turn off computer first.
  7. Well, in protocol there is Kernel Power 41 everywhere. How can I fix this problem?
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