Is my PC running at max performance?

I have an HP Pavilion G7 2215dx Notebook. I understand laptops are not meant for gaming but from the specs on Hp's website the RAM, Processor, and Video Memory seem to be okay. I will post the specs below. When I play games such as Minecraft and World of Tanks I have to use minimal graphic settings for everything or my FPS will be around 8-9. I have 20 FPS in World of Tanks and my CPU/RAM meter says I am using around 57% CPU and 49% RAM. Is there a reason my PC is using only about half of its processing power and RAM but still getting a very poor framerate or is there a way to get full use of my PC's performance?


RAM: 4GB DDR3 System Memory (1 DIMM)

Video Graphics: Intel HD graphics 3000 with up to 1696MB total graphics memory

500GB Hard Drive

2.40GHz 2nd generation Intel Core i3-2370M Processor
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    Gaming performance is mainly gpu related and the hd 3000 is at the bottom for modern gpus. Ram doesn't "do" work, it is just for holding current files that are in use. The cpu isn't fully used for wot because that graphics engine only use 1 core. But the cpu will only use as much as it needs.

    Here are some game benchmarks so you can get an idea of what your gpu is capable of.
  2. Hi,

    First off Video Graphics: Intel HD graphics 3000 with up to 1696MB total graphics memory intel HD graphics are NOT for gaming whoever told you that is whether ignorant, a commission paid salemen, or play facebook games.
    This is why you have to play on low settings and still get bad fps. If you want to get a gaming laptop get a AMD or Geforce gpu and you'll pay at least 800 $ for it to play at low -medium settings

    Also the cpu is a little weak for the games mention above.

    Here's an example of descent gaming laptop
  3. The y500 is $800 and plays most games on high. I wouldn't say a $1400 laptop is a "decent" gaming laptop.
  4. Hi :)

    Some very good advice above... the 3000 graphics were designed to play Freecell I think

    Thats your total problem...

    Only way around it is a NEW GAMING laptop (LOTS of money) :(

    All the best Brett :)
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