955 BE Bottleneck?

I have a 955 at 3.8 Ghz atm on my second PC with a 670 gtx. Should I upgrade it to a 8350 or is it not worth it?

My second PC is an i7 3770k, so I'm not looking for biggest bang, just a good cost to efficiency for my second PC (its for the gf)
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  1. Yea there will be a bottleneck, but it won't be that bad. If your mobo supports the FX cpu's then go for it. A fx-6300 would be a better buy. Its on sale right now on newegg for 130. Don't think you will notice much difference with the 8 core vs 6core Otherwise it would be better to get a 3350p or 3570k
  2. 955 be is bottle neck, sell the pc and start from scratch if your unhappy about performance.
    Poor 670 gtx. It should go with the i7 if it doesn't have a decent gpu.

    Changing 955 cpu won't help that much nowadays
  3. getting the 8350 will be a nice upgrade to the 965, FX6300 would only a very slight upgrade if even that, more of a side grade

    Much better than having to go out and buy a new mb (and ram too if it's 1.5v+ ram)
  4. 8350 will be a good CPU for you...
  5. I would say stick with what you have unless your motherboard supports am3+ then by all means buy an 8350.
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